The Platform

Our platform lets you manage your shareholders, your board and the legal side of growing your company.

One place to do all the things that always belonged together.

What it does

Issue Shares, Warrants & Options

How to do it in the platform:

  1. Configure your key figures once using our interface
  2. Autogenerate all documentation (official & agreements)
  3. E-sign in the platform
  4. Get an overview of any vesting process
  5. Keep adding new people to warrant & option programs

Share Registry

How to do it in the platform:

  • Stay up to date with API connection to Bolagsverket
  • Easy to log all activities
  • Manage both your shareholders and their stakes
  • Shareholders can log in and see their ownership
  • Host up to date contact details for sending updates
  • Call to shareholders’ meetings/AGM/EGM easily

Board Portal

How to do it in the platform:

  • Everyone in the board has access to what they need
  • Integrated with all our processes, generating accurate materials
  • Finalize the minutes while you hold the meeting
  • Produces all necessary documents to back your decisions
  • E-Sign straight from the platform
  • Keep all documents safe for future due diligence processes
  • Handles board meetings and shareholder meetings

Documents & E-Sign

How to do it in the platform:

  • Use StartupTools templates online*
  • E-Sign & store any pdf using our platform
  • E-Sign integrated in all our processes & board meetings
  • Keep track of unsigned PDFs for follow up

* Currently NDAs & Employee Agreements are available. More added every day.

Integrated processes

Instead of a fragmented approach with many different documents, dates and numbers to keep track of: The platform will do it all for you in once place.


Decide what to do


Design it using our interface


Get an overview of what the platform does to get it right


Generate all the documents



See vesting & keep documents