Join the team

We are working hard to change how entrepreneurs manage their companies.

A rare chance to join a high quality early stage company as part of the core team. We are building a great product with both ambition and potential for massive impact. 

We have already changed how hundreds of people manage their companies, and we are only getting started.

This year alone companies have used our platform to raise over 100M SEK for themselves.

Senior Full-Stack Developer (Front-End leaning)

Our current tech team is our CTO, and he is exceptionally talented. We are looking for someone to tag-team with him who can help us more than double our current pace & output.


Frameworks & Tools

We are currently using: Angular, NodeJs (Nestjs), TypeScript, TailwindCSS, GraphQL, Go, Jinja2 (pugjs), Postgresql, Redis, Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud Run & Google Cloud PubSub.

But the main thing is not that you should know these particular frameworks/tools. The main thing is that you are a strong engineer who either wants to work with them, or contribute to replacing one or more of them with something better. 

We pride ourselves on technological-agnosticism and a pragmatic approach, to be a good fit you should feel that this resonates with you. 


What we are building

A platform which functions as a basecamp for growing companies. We empower our users to independently issue new shares, employee stock options, warrants, hold board- and annual meetings and a lot more in an automated, smart, fashion. 

Currently in Sweden, but we are aiming international (pretty soon).



Below market level salary (like the rest of us), compensated by a meaningful level of equity. Once we gain real traction, we hope to adjust this to market level+ salaries and meaningful equity as a thank you for believing in us.



Location: Remote is fine, we’re currently located in Stockholm & Norrköping

Language: No need to speak fluent/native Swedish, but you need to be able to read & write for efficient interaction with our product in both Swedish & English.

Timeline: The sooner the better.



If you think there is reason enough to explore if we are a match. Shoot me an email at: hannes[at] /Hannes, CEO & Co-Founder


(No agencies or consultants please, unless you are a freelancer looking to dock to a company and convert to long term employment)