Incubators are great for supporting the startup ecosystem.
We do our part to help you out.

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Our Incubator Offer

6 months completely free

Any startup in your incubation program can use the full scope of our features for 6 months.

What your startups will gain access to

Getting things right, effortlessly, can make all the difference in the early days. We support your startups with:

  • Share Registry
    Synchronised with Bolagsverket, including shareholder login and unlimited shareholders

  • Board Portal
    Keep track of board & annual/shareholders’ meetings. Integrated for automated decision generation

  • E-Signing & Document Storage
    E-sign any PDFs & all meeting minutes/materials produced in our platform
  • Investments
    Issue shares, WISE convertibles & warrants natively right in the platform. End to end. Does not get any easier

  • Simple Contracts
    Send out employment agreements & NDAs easily & repeatedly, simplify your admin

  • Document library
    Gain access to the premium version of our Shareholders’ Agreements & all the free templates easily
If you want to learn more about our platform and how it can be useful for your startups. Book a demo and we will be delighted to show you around!

Additional Support From Us

We can educate your founders

We regularly speak to founders at incubation programs, topics include:

  • StartupTools – Who we are and how to use our solutions (free & paid) 
  • Qualified Employee Stock Options – How they work & when to use them
  • Sharing your company with others – How to think about equity for employees (QESO, Warrants & other options)
  • Legal as a startup – How to get it right, without a massive cost & effort
  • Term Sheets – What matters to you as a founder
  • Incorporating in Sweden – How it works & what to think about 

Your instrument(s) in our platform

If you have a particular instrument you use for investments in your programs we can help you automate that process.

We understand that you work with your startups in your particular way and wish to integrate into and support that flow. 

(Depending on our workload, integrating your instrument may not be immediate.)

You will be in good company

When joining our program you will be among likeminded. We already have collaborations with these excellent organisations


No. We do not charge anything for participation in our program. We will publish your logo on your site as a collaborator when you have signed up and if you have a partner page, we would like to be featured there.

We offer a freemium model where our basic offerring, share register with up to 15 shareholders plus basic document templates, are free. After the initial free period, the company can either continue to use the free offerring or continue with a paid plan.

Our standard free offer is for 6 months. If you want all your startups to have access for longer without becoming direct clients themselves, we are happy to discuss options for how that may be achieved.

We have detailed online guides that help entrepreneurs set up their company and create their initial investment agreements. We can also offer one-on-one guidance as a paid service.

We partner with Gro Advokatbyrå, which has a cost-effective offerring aimed at startups.

It depends. For very specific advise, it might very well be the case (and we also offer lawfirm services for those circumstances). But for example, 58% of all warrant and share issues submitted by lawfirms to Bolagsverket contain errors that need to be fixed before they can be registered.

Using our platform, you get the documents correct the first time around.

Nothing, really. We understand that you are working hard for the best of the ecosystem, and we want to help.

With that said we do appreciate if you are active in helping your startups get operational with our platform during their free 6 months.

Spread the word to all your friends and download our free templates!

You can reach out directly to our CEO & Co-Founder:

Hannes Rosén /