How to verify meeting minutes (“vidimera”)

When you send in documents to Bolagsverket, you often need to include a copy of the meeting minutes. This copy needs to be verified, meaning that you verify that the copy is in fact a true copy of the original. The Swedish terms for this is “vidimering” (the noun) and “vidimera” (the verb).

“Vidimering” should not be confused with “bevittning”, which means “to witness when someone signs a document”. While witnessing needs to be done a one or more persons other than the signee, “vidimering” can be done by anyone, including one of the persons who signed the minutes.

It is the page (or pages) with the signatures on which shall be verified. If the document has been signed using StartupTools’ platform, it will look something like this:

Simply write “Vidimeras”, then your signature in blue ink, and a below that your name in block letters:

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