Stock Options

Using Stock Option programs for your employees is smart, and doesn't need to be difficult anymore.

Now you can issue them in less than 15 minutes. 

Truly simple.

The right type of Stock Options for every situation

All Stock Option programs do not fit all situations. Use StartupTools Platform to issue either Qualified Employee Stock Options or Warrants, depending on the situation.

To learn more and understand which program suit your situation best, read our guide, or just ask us in the chat.

Done in less than 15 minutes

Issuing Stock Options with our thought through process can be done in under 15 minutes. That includes decision materials for a board meeting or AGM/EGM, agreements to each person and the forms to authorities if required.

One flow takes you the whole way

Issuing Stock Options is a multi step process that requires both either a board or AGM/EGM decision, individual agreements to each person and then a procedure for conversion after all options have vested.

Our platform helps you with all steps, in the same flow and often based on information already entered into the platform. You just have to add it once.

This is as easy as it gets.

Easy Overview and Due Diligence

To issue the Stock Options is just the beginning. After that we help you keep track of the vesting, store everything and makes it easy to have the right documents at hand during a due diligence process.

It is smart to collect everything that belongs together in one place.

Get help when you need it

For Stock Option programs to be truly successful it is important that you who issue them understand how they work, and why you are doing it.

We are here for you and happy to answer questions.