Be part of changing how companies are run

We have a strong conviction that something is broken about how companies are run today. And that we can fix it.

We strive daily to make the lives of entrepreneurs better everywhere. Join the cause.

A rare chance to join a high quality early stage company as part of the core team. We are building a great product with both ambition and potential for massive impact. 

We have already changed how hundreds of companies are managed, and we are only getting started.

Our open roles

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StartupTools DNA

Be Pragmatic​

StartupTools is built on a solid foundation of solving actual problems for our users on a daily basis.

Solve the actual problems in ways that people can use. It can be a feature in our platform, an explanatory article or a support call. It all counts.

Be Helpful​

We help our users and we help each other.

It sounds simple, but investing time and effort in contributing to solutions for our users questions and supporting our team members performance aggregates powerfully. 

Play to Strengths​

We strive to find our strengths, weaknesses and development areas and use them accordingly.

Use the strengths of others as well as your own to achieve the best results.


We learn daily, and will continue to do so. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow.

Figure it out, and apply.


We really care about our users, our product and each other.

Take time to talk about what matters (work and personal) to be a whole human at work, pay attention to the small things when building and express that we are truly engaged to our users.


Take Action​

Do the things that needs doing, today if you can.

We apply a very practical perspective, also on abstract problems. Do and iterate.

Get to know us

The People Behind StartupTools

Hannes Rosén

Co-Founder & CEO

Niklas Rudemo

Co-Founder & CPO

Daniel Lundqvist

Co-Founder & CTO

Linus Hemlin

Account Executive

Jacob Klapwijk

Senior Front-End Developer

Anna Volby

Customer Success Manager

Märta Tollin

UX-Designer, LIA