The ability to easily and compliantly raise money is often existential to the future of a company. We understand that and have built a platform for you and the way you need to work. Fast, flexibly and cost efficient.

That is truly smart.

Share Issues

One of the most common ways to raise money is through share issues. We have full support for that process from the beginning to the end. The platform adds the AGM/EGM automatically, generates the subscription lists and fills out the forms to Bolagsverket. 

We have support for all types of payments:

  • Cash
  • Off-set
  • In-kind

WISE Convertible - Best for bridge rounds

StartupTools has developed our own investment model for the Swedish market based on the American SAFE. It is called WISE and is the smartest way to raise a bridge round.

Why use WISE?

  • Establish the valuation later, receive the cash now
  • Work with floor, cap and discount
  • Fully automated in the platform

Gain overview and keep track of the past

Each investment contains a number of documents and people in itself. When you do them with StartupTools platform you gather all of it in one place.

That makes it truly simple to keep track of all the materials and understanding what has happened in the past.