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Head of Legal

This is a chance to join a growing LegalTech startup, not as a sidelined supportive function but rather as a part of the core business. You will be one of the first 10 in the team and spend your time: Developing our legal standard and new legal instruments, contributing to our product development and helping founders and leadership teams in leading startups.

Building something better

We are looking at new ways to do many of the things that have traditionally been done by corporate lawyers. To continue that journey, we are on the hunt for a dynamic and innovation driven (ex)lawyer with domain knowledge within investments, shareholders’ agreements and stock option programs to join our team.

As the standard-bearer for startup legal in the Nordics (with European and beyond ambitions) you will be responsible for creating new and developing existing standardized legal instruments, solving real legal problems for startups en masse. When we solve a problem, we do not solve it for one startup at a time. We strive to solve it once, and for all.

This role also contains talking to and working with our users (founders and CEOs of leading startups), as well as strongly contributing to building our SaaS product and truly productify your legal knowledge.

Product Ownership

As our Head of Legal, you will also be our Legal Product Owner, responsible for driving the development of our legal standards. You will work closely with our product and technology team to identify new features and improvements to our legal products based on user feedback, market trends, and emerging regulatory changes.

You’ll be our legal team ensuring that the legal expertise is seamlessly integrated into our platform development. You will be participating in developing and executing product roadmaps, creating and prioritizing user stories, and collaborating with our UX/UI designer and developers to create a world-class legal user experience.

The Ecosystem

As a member of our team, you’ll also be engaging with the startup ecosystem, holding classes for founders on relevant topics and explaining legal concepts in a way that anyone can grasp. You’ll work closely with lawyers in Sweden and other countries to maintain and update the legal standard for startups in the Nordics.

Our Mission

StartupTools is a company passionate about liberating and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. We believe that access to quality internal execution should not be a barrier to entry for startups, and that is why we are building a product that will help make top notch legal and admin accessible to everyone. Combined with a generous free offering this becomes a very powerful toolbox that already really has a strong impact on the Nordic startup ecosystem.

We are looking for someone who shares our passion for innovation and disruption, and who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. If you are looking for an opportunity that will allow you to use your legal expertise to make a real impact on the legal landscape for startups and shape the future of legal services, this is a great chance to do it.

Formal Requirements

We expect that you have a legal degree and have passed the bar, experience from working with corporate matters in growing companies either as an in-house counsel, at a major firm or in your own practise. We expect that you are senior enough to independently produce new standardized instruments that we can release on the market.

The right mindset and person is of utmost importance to make this a success. Any previous exposure within tax is considered a strong plus. To be considered for the role you need to have excellent both English and Swedish, applicable to a legal context.


Reports to: CEO 

Remuneration: Salary + meaningful stock options 

Starts: We are ready when you are 

Location: We are based and have an office in Stockholm, we work hybrid 

Time: This is a full time position, in a transition period we can be flexible to accommodate for other engagements

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StartupTools DNA

Be Pragmatic​

StartupTools is built on a solid foundation of solving actual problems for our users on a daily basis.

Solve the actual problems in ways that people can use. It can be a feature in our platform, an explanatory article or a support call. It all counts.

Be Helpful​

We help our users and we help each other.

It sounds simple, but investing time and effort in contributing to solutions for our users questions and supporting our team members performance aggregates powerfully. 

Play to Strengths​

We strive to find our strengths, weaknesses and development areas and use them accordingly.

Use the strengths of others as well as your own to achieve the best results.


We learn daily, and will continue to do so. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow.

Figure it out, and apply.


We really care about our users, our product and each other.

Take time to talk about what matters (work and personal) to be a whole human at work, pay attention to the small things when building and express that we are truly engaged to our users.


Take Action​

Do the things that needs doing, today if you can.

We apply a very practical perspective, also on abstract problems. Do and iterate.

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