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StartupTools has offered free templates for download since 2016, and since then over 20 000 people have downloaded them. They are the foundation of thousands of startups, of which many have become very successful.

We are proud over our contribution to the ecosystem.

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StartupTools offers free templates for download because we want to contribute to a better ecosystem for everyone.


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Shareholders' Agreements

StartupTools Shareholders' Agreements comes in three versions and are an important part of our contribution to the nordic ecosystem of innovation and startups.  

They are available in English.

  • Shareholders’ Agreement without investors
  • Shareholders’ Agreement with only small investors
  • Shareholders’ Agreement with VC investors

Stock Options

QESO (Qualified Employee & Board Stock Options)
Kvalificerade Personaloptioner / Qualified Employee Stock Options. De flesta startups kan använda dem men inte alla. Läs mer i vår Ultimate Guide to Stock Options in Swedish Startups. Available for employees and board members.

Teckningsoptioner är ett finansiellt instrument som ofta används för optionsprogram. De fungerar både för anställda och konsulter samt internationellt. 

Read more: Teckningsoptioner/Warrants


(Warrants for Investment in Startup Equity)

En modell för konvertibel investering som StartupTools har tagit fram. Läs mer: WISE

Term Sheet (Small Investors / VC)
A document used in negotiations of an investment, available in two versions: Angels and VC. Read more: Term Sheets

Investeringsavtal / Subscription Agreement
Ett dokument som reglerar villkoren för själva investeringen och vilka garantier som lämnas. Läs mer: investeringsavtal

Seed Investment Documents
A zip-file containing minutes for the board meeting and a shareholders' meeting to issue shares. Read more:  Seed Investment

Employment Agreements

Permanent Employment (with/without probation)
An agreement between a person and the company providing the terms of the employment. Contains options for probation.

Särskild Visstidsanställning / “Timanställning”
Ett avtal som möjliggör “timanställning” av anställda för tillfälligt arbete.

Managing Director / CEO
An employment agreement adapted for MD/CEO.

Read more: Employment Agreements

Advisors / Consultants

A zip-file containing a consultant agreement and a warrant agreement to ensure aligned incentives in a SWEAT equity setup. Read more: SWEAT

Consulting Agreement
A consulting agreement to adress the relationship between the company and a consultant.


One-Way NDA
An agreement to ensure confidentiality where one party is disclosing information.

Two-Way NDA
An agreement to ensure confidentiality where both parties are disclosing information.

Read more: NDA

Confirmation of Subscription & Repurchase

Confirmation of share purchase

Used in late registration when the time of registration for a share issue has lapsed and a confirmation from the investor is needed.

Repurchase of Warrants
Used when the company wants to repurchase issued warrants.

Other Templates

Articles of Association
A foundational and mandatory document outlining the procedures in the company and regulating the relationship between shareholders. Among other things Right of First Refusal, Post sale purchase right and terms for invitations to shareholders' meetings are covered here. 

Loan Agreement
Used to loan money into the company.

Share Transfer Agreement
Used when doing a share transfer and to add the new shareholder to the Shareholders' Agreement. Read more: Share Transfer Agreement

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