Friends of StartupTools

StartupTools is one of many value adding players in the ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs. Here we have gathered some of our industry colleagues and friends.


We see that incubators make a true difference for entrepreneurship in the Swedish ecosystem. We are happy to collaborate with incubators across the country and contribute to their work with our services.

Offer to Incubator Companies

To make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to run their companies in a time efficient and competitive way we offer our services at a strong discount to companies participating in incubator programs with our partners.

We offer: 

  • StartupTools Pro-abonnemang till 80% rabatt i 12 månader
  • No required subscription after those 12 months, the company can terminate the subscription
  • Onboarding with our Customer Success Team to get started and gain support
The offer is valid once per company, even if it participates in more than one incubator

Are you an entrepreneur at an incubator looking to get started?

Contact the incubator to get your discount coupon or encourage them to get in touch to begin a partnership.


StartupTools has partnerships with partners who we see supports entrepreneurs and startups in a meaningful way. We have high trust in them and can recommend that you turn to them for advice, support or services within their respective domains.