Share Register

A share register that is synchronized with Bolagsverket, automatically creates equity accounts for shareholders and is integrated with the board portal, stock option programs and investments. Smart for real.

Our Share Register reminds you when it needs updating

Keeping your Share Register up to date is an obligation, but it doesn't have to be hard and complicated.

Since we access data from Bolagsverket we know when the company was founded, how many shares there were back then and when all share issues have taken place. When anything new is added there, we load that too.

Accurate documentation with one click

StartupTools Share Register gives you a selection of various reports in addition to the actual Share Register: Shareholder Overview, Individual Reports, Settlement Notes and more.

Want to work with your Share Register outside the platform? 
No problem - export your data as PDF, CSV or Excel.

Shareholders can log in themselves

When using our Share Register Equity Accounts for each investor is included where they can access their holdings. Since we use BankID as login, you don't need to add anything to make it work.

Shareholders can generate the necessary documentation regarding their ownership, freeing up time for the company.

StartupTools' shareholder panel