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Niklas Rudemo

Niklas Rudemo

Chief Product Officer & Chairman of the Board,

After having had different roles (founder, CEO, chairman, board member and investor) in many startups, Niklas Rudemo set out to create the integrated platform he had always wanted himself to manage the legal side of a company in growth. He called it Qoorp. In 2022 Qoorp and StartupTools merged and he is now leading the product team in the merged company.

“When we started, we discovered that 58% of all share and warrants issues submitted to the Swedish Company Registration Office contained errors, even when submitted by lawyers. That is when we realized that automation is not just about saving time, but also about getting it right.”

- Niklas Rudemo, 2022

Erik Byrenius

Board member & Founder

StartupTools was originally founded by Erik Byrenius (onlinepizza.se, Trellis Road) to help entrepreneurs focus on running their businesses, instead of spending time and money on unnecessary legal paperwork and negotiations.

"As an angel investor, I see many term sheets. Quite often, they are written with primarily the interests of either the investors or the founders in mind. This is not the best starting point for a successful relationship! Why not start negotiations based on a fair and balanced term sheet instead? I’m convinced that this approach long-term will benefit both the company, all shareholders and the ecosystem in large."

- Erik Byrenius, 2016
Erik Byrenius
Hannes Rosén

Hannes Rosén

CEO & Board member, Co-Founder

Involved in the startup community since 2013 Hannes shares Niklas’ & Erik’s passion for making startups succeed. With a background as COO and other internal roles, he has experienced the problems StartupTools solves first hand.

"I have been a user of StartupTools for some years, and when the chance to help take it to the next stage came, it was an obvious choice. I’m very excited to grow this idea to its full potential."

- Hannes Rosén, 2021

Daniel Lundqvist

Chief Technical Officer

Harbouring a passion for building things that needs to be correct every time Daniel has found a home in LegalTech. He has been working in startups for a decade and understand what entrepreneurs are struggling with in terms of administration & legalities.

"I love that our technology empowers users to easily manage their companies. Building the platform where entrepreneurs manage their company's core through legal contracts & equity management is inspiring."

- Daniel Lundqvist, 2022


All free downloadable templates on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Permitted exceptions:
In addition to the permitted non-commercial uses in the license, we also allow:

As a lawyer you are, of course, free to charge clients for making individual adaptions of the documents (as long as you comply with the rest of the license, e.g. attribution). We support this type of use.

For clarity: It is allowed, and encouraged, to use these documents for the founding or development of companies with commercial interests and ambitions (just don’t forget the attribution).

Before using the resources for any other commercial purpose (including removing the reference to StartupTools), such as reselling the template, you need our prior written permission.


Many people have helped us taking this initiative all the way to today. You are too many to mention. There are however a few people who have put some extra effort into this:

First and foremost, huge thanks to our first legal partner Mattias Larsson for making this possible. He drafted the first versions of StartupTools investment documents and have remained an important partner throughout.

I also very much appreciate the invaluable support from Magnus Sandberg and Johan Crona for all the input on the original Swedish legal documents. -Erik Byrenius


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