Our Shareholders’ Agreements

StartupTools has developed three versions of our Shareholders’ Agreement (SHA). Each of them caters for particular situation or stage a startup might find itself in throughout its life and growth cycle.

Our Three Versions

Without Investors (/Founders Only) – The one to use when you are just starting up and have no external shareholders at all. This was previously called the “Founders’ Agreement” but we renamed it to “Shareholders’ Agreement Without Investors” to avoid some recurring confusion.

With Small Investors – The one to use when you have come a little further, and the time has come to bring in some small scale funding. This is suitable to use when you find an angel investor or let FFF (friends, fools & family) into your cap table. 

With VC Lead Investor – The one to use for scaling up with VC funding. Congratulations on getting this far – truly well done! This SHA is suitable when you are doing an investment round and have one main investor (often but not necessarily a VC). It is also equipped with tools for smaller investors joining in.

The Sequence

The most common order of using these is Without Investors -> With Small Investors -> With VC Lead Investor. There is however nothing in them that means you must do this. It works equally well to begin with either that suits your current needs and go from there.

Why use our sequence of SHAs? 

We aim to provide a complete system of investment tools (both documents & instruments) for startups which are compatible and support each other. By using these SHAs in sequence rather than taking on a new framework for each stage you gain a few smart wins:

Read more about our StartupTools Standard and download the documents!

/Hannes Rosén



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2 responses to “Our Shareholders’ Agreements”

  1. Hej! Vilken fantastisk hjälp ni har skapat. Vi håller på att ta in ängelinvestering och jag fick tipset att använda mig av era mallar. Hittar dock ingen mall för just steg två – small investors. Är meningen att jag ska anpassa den mall som ni har för shareholders, eller den som ni har för founders?

    Tack på förhand!

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