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Articles of Association

The articles of association (Icelandic: samþykktir) can be described as a very basic version of the shareholders’ agreement, including some formalities regarding share capital, company name etc. They can also contain pre-emption right and post-sale purchase right.


Subscription and Shareholders’ Agreement

After you have agreed on the term sheet (signed or not), the investor will start the final parts of the due diligence while the subscription agreement and shareholders’ agreement (Icelandic: hluthafasamningi) are drafted. When the due diligence is complete it’s time to sign the subscription agreement and shareholders’ agreement.


Shareholders’ Agreement Without Investors

Note: The “Shareholders’ Agreement (without investors)” is the document formerly known as the “Founders’ Agreement”. We have renamed it to avoid confusion since it is, in fact, a shareholders’ agreement. We elaborate more on the sequential relationship of our shareholders’ agreements here.

When you join forces with your co-founders to start a new business, legal stuff is probably one of the last things you want to spend time on – especially the sometimes sensitive subject of commitment, cooperation and ownership. Nevertheless, agreeing on these topics from day one may be save you a lot of arguments and headache down the road. That’s why you should always have a shareholders’ agreement.


Term Sheet

Our term sheet is a balanced and standardized term sheet for your seed round. Both VC firms, angel investors, entrepreneurs and lawyers have been involved in the process of creating this new Nordic standard.


Employment Agreement

One might think that employments is one of those few areas where standard agreements already exist. The law is pretty strict on what can and cannot be agreed between employer and employee, there are lots of legal precedent cases.